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Survival+ (Survival Plus) is a harder version of the gamemode survival. It adds new features to the game, to make the gamemode harder, yet more fun and exciting. All of the new features can be found on this page (not complete yet).

Hydration Level

The hydration bar indicated how hydrated you are (/thirst). Like in real life, water is required to stay alive. Just like the hunger bar in the game, you will need to make sure you stay hydraded by drinking enough fluids.

Full hydration bar Slightly drained hydration bar

Don't just drink water from the sea, lake, or river, it's too salty and contains dangerous bacteria and other nasty things. You will need to 'purify' the water first by boiling it in a cauldron.
Other items like milk, potions and slices of melon will also increase your hydration level.

If you don't stay hydrated, you will slowly lose your energy and get nauseated, which will eventually lead to death from dehydration. The hydration level will be stored along with your game stats, which means that you won't lose your level during sessions.

What will drain my hydration level?
Your hydration level will always decrease, regarless of if you are being active of standing still (AFK excluded). When your hydration bar is full, you won't lose any hydration levels if you are standing still. However, if you don't have a full bar, you will very slowly lose your levels.

The following things will increase the amount of hydration levels you will lose while being active:

  • Running and Flying
  • Sitting in/on a vehicle (animals count as vehicles)
  • Wearing body armor
  • Being in a hot environment (nether, desert and mesa)

Purified Water (safe) These items will increase your hydration level

Large Glass Bottle
You can now also craft an extra large glass bottle to carry your purified water in. Each 'Large Glass Bottle' can hold the same amount of water as 8 regular glass bottles can. You need 8 regular glass bottles to craft 1 Large Glass Bottle.

However, due to a certain game mechanic, you will lose your large glass bottle when you try to fill it with regular water from, for example, a lake. It will turn the custom bottle back into a regular water bottle, so be careful.

Large Glass Bottle recipe A Large Glass Bottle in your inventory (8x indicated the amount of uses there are left)

Raw Meat Poison

Eating raw meat will give you all kinds of diseases in real life, that's why you always cook your meat first before eating it.
In Minecraft, you only get poisoned when you eat raw chicken. The same effect you get from eating raw chicken now also applies to any other raw meat that exists in the Minecraft world, so make sure to cook it first.

These items may possibly poison you when eaten

Compass (no F3 coordinates)

To make survival a bit harder, we removed the position and biome indicator you see when you press F3 and open the debug screen. If you want to know your position, you must left-click a block with your compass while pressing the SHIFT key.

The coordinates will show up after shift-left clicking with a compass The Debug screen (F3) without location and biome information

Grappling Hook

Turn your fishing rod into a grappling hook, by crafting it with wire and arrows. With the grappling hook you can easily climb steep walls. trees and even holes you fell into.

Be careful though, if you don't fully hook your grappling hook into the wall, you might end up falling to your death. The grappling hook has a durability, so make sure to craft a new one from time to time.

Grappling hook recipe

Harder Monsters & Entity Blood

Even though the difficulty has been changed to hard, we've made some of the monsters even harder.
When a monster spawns (zombie, skeleton, spider, creeper, slime, witch and enderman) there's a 40% chance that they will spawn as stronger mobs with potion effects and (if possible) armor/weapons equiped.

These monsters will have an increased health, which may vary between 3 (1.5 hearts) to 15 (7.5 hearts) extra 'health'. This will require you to hit the monsters a few times more to kill them.

Every monster/animal will also show 'blood' particles when damaged. The color of the particles will vary depending on what type of entity it is.
The blood particles are the same particles as when you break a block, so it shouldn't impact the game performance at all.

Easter Egg

A small easter egg has been added to the plugin. Will you be able to figure it out?

Tip: *footsteps*  Tttsssss... BOOM!

Note: The recipe is not real