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Welcome to the server store of NLGameVideosNL!

Important notice:

Although the website may look like it's powered by Buycraft, it actually isn't at all! We are using our own developed shop system that is almost identical to Buycraft, but with a few changes.

If you pay with PayPal, you will automatically get your rank and/or item(s) in-game*. Make sure you are online at the time of your purchase, or else we have to give you your rank and/or item(s) manually.
*this doesn't apply to every rank and item

The prices are based on real time currency exchange rates. Prices might be higher or lower every time you refresh the website.


Currently you can pay your products by using Paypal, Credit Card (via PayPal) or Wire Transfer (Bank). Because we use our own system, paying with direct banking is slightly different than Buycraft. We've listed a few things below about those 2 gateways which will help you with paying the products.

Paypal / Credit Card:

Paypal is not different from what you maybe already know. It's just a simple form on a page where you can pay with your Paypal account, creditcard and bank account.

Wire Transfer (Bank):

This payment gateway is currenly only available for people from Europe, because of the currency EUR. We're trying to make this gateway available for every country, but it takes time. If we have this gateway available in the future for every country, keep in mind that we convert your money into EUR on the checkout page, else you have to pay a big extra fee for changing your currency to EUR.


All donations will only be used to pay for our servers, website and additional costs related to our network.

If you have any questions about your purchase, feel free to contact us at any time by using this form or by sending us an email at

NLGameVideosNL is in no way affiliated with Mojang, AB. Nor should it be considered a company endorsed by Mojang, AB.