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About NLGameVideosNL

Hi there! My name is Fabian Wennink and I'm the owner of the NLGameVideosNL Network. I started this Minecraft network as part of my YouTube gaming channel back in 2012. Now 4 years later, the network has been visited by over 400.000 unique players and this amount keeps growing every day!

What makes NLGameVideosNL Network different from any other network is that we do not care about donations income or the player count of our servers. All we care about is that our community has a great time on the network.

We have multiple worlds where you can build and multiple minigames which you can enjoy with your friends. A lot of our plugins are custom made by me and are a great addition to the network. Just like the custom plugins, our website is also 100% custom made, even the look-alike BuyCraft server store.

Our staff members are great people. They - just like you - like to play Minecraft, but also like to keep the network a fun place by helping the good people and by removing those who are not. If you have a problem, just ask for an admin or moderator in the chat. If none are online, some nice players will probably assist you.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at our ticket support center.