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Latest news

Build competition April (Special price)

Posted: by BigSmile
Hello It's me... (sorry wanted to sing adele) It's time! Time for what you might guess The build competition, makes his return after a few months of creating ideas! So with every build competition, there is a theme. right? Not this time tho :) This time you can build whatever you want, if are like hmmmm I want to build a pixelart of something or somebody, like Rasputin! Or you want to build a massive castle, you can do that! Now the prices :D First place: 5 Euro in the shop (so like anything from a rank, to faction vaults) Second place: 3.5 Euro in the shop Third place: 2 Euro in the shop YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT! Something out of the server shop! Now how do I enter you might ask yourself, right? Oh don't worry, that's easy! Just comment on this thread with: - In what server you made your build (so survival, factions or skyblock) - The name of the home at your build - Is it a solo build or a team build - If it's a team build, who helped...
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